Manau Airsoft Team

Multi Adventure

Battle begins at Manau Airsoft Team

The best Airsoft runway near Barcelona

20.000m of land, specially designed to enjoy the practice of Airsoft, in forests, towns, villages, trenches and camps. Pure adrenaline. Pure adventure. Action in its purest form.

20.000m2 of adventure 

The terrain has different scenarios: forests, towns, villages, trenches and camps, where to live epic battles.

The games, which always have a script and objectives to achieve, will have a minimum duration of 20′ and a maximum of 45′.

Combat team

The price includes the necessary material to participate: Mask, weapon and ammunition (1000 balls). Clothes not included.

Optionally you can rent all kinds of equipment. As suits, glasses, masks, balls, replicas of weapons, chargers, etc..

The warrior's rest

Optionally, a catering service is offered, which includes a sausage sandwich with drink, to replenish forces after the battle.

Price: 6,00€

Price per person: 49,00€ 

Includes field rental and equipment (1000 balls, mask and weapon)

Schedule: Saturdays from 09:00h to 14:00h and Sundays from 08:00h to 13:00h

Weekday games can be arranged on request